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From 31st March till 2nd April the Rotterdam Football Cup U15 took place at SBV Excelsior. One of the 24 participants was Feyenoord, 1 of the 3 Rotterdam based football clubs that participated. We were really happy to have them in our 2018 edition of the tournament.   

We were also proud to have Soufiane Touzani as an ambassador of the Rotterdam Football Cup, together with Jon Dahl Tomasson and Ryan Koolwijk. You probably all know Touzani because of his famous Youtube channel (Touzani TV) in which he shows videos of himself practicing a lot of football tricks together with famous footballers. He for example played with Christiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben etc. The freestyle footballer definitely has a lot of skills, which he showed off during the Rotterdam Football Cup U15 as well. He did this by challenging several U15 teams to play with him. One of the lucky teams to be invited by Touzani was Feyenoord. The players of Feyenoord U15 had a great time playing with Touzani.  

Curious? Then check out the video via the following link:

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