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COMING SOON: JD CLUB NI International Cup

COMING SOON: JD CLUB NI International Cup

This weekend the JD Club NI International Cup will take place. This U14 tournament is organized by the Irish Football Association and will be held in Belfast.

The participating teams are:
- JD Club NI
- Rangers FC
- Excelsior Rotterdam
- Swansea City Football Club invited Excelsior Rotterdam from the Netherlands on behalf of the Irish Football Association. Best of luck to all teams!

We're very proud of the good cooperation between and the Irish Football Association. In 2017 teams from Northern Ireland participated in the Rotterdam Football Cup U15, Liverpool FC Football Cup U16, Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy (boys U14 and U13 and girls U14) . In September, their U14 squad will travel to Spain to compete in the Madrid Football Cup U14.

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